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African banded agate and vaseline glass 2 strand bracelet

Rare hand cut west african banded agate !

Rainbow wedding beads & Melon bead 3 strand Bracelet

Happy Rainbow Trade beads bracelet!

PNG conch shell and African trade bead 3 strand bracelet

Money luck bracelet with rare antique beads!

Indonesian Pumtek 2 strand bracelet

Fossilized wood/hand dyed Pumteck beads

Red moon and stars antique trade bead 3 strand bracelet

Royal Bed Bohemian glass beads!

2 strand 1500’s dinka fossilized ivory beads bracelet

collectors choice! rare Tribal beads.

3 strand cheri amber and buffalo bone bracelet

Tribal and earthy!

Antique Nepal coin 3 strand orange bead bracelet

Modern day gypsy bracelet!

American flag chevrons and snake glass 2 strand bracelet

nice coral color! fabulous beads.

1800’s eye beads and czech glass 3 strand bracelet

gorgeous black and red beads! power colors!

Black and white trade bead and telsum bead 2 strand bracelet

1800's ethiopian coin silver telsum beads-protection amulets worn by tribal women.



Antique Tibetan hand cut Quartz Crystal&turquoise 3 strand bracelet

Beautiful rare beads

Brilliant yellow wedding bead 3 strand bracelet

vibrant and lively!

Baltic amber and trade bead 3 strand bracelet

A golden beauty

Baltic amber 2 strand bracelet

beautiful comfort fit

Rare pastel wedding beads 3 strand bracelet

rare pastel colors!

1800’s venetian Chevrons 2 strand bracelet

collectors choice/best beads

Antique white wedding bead & trade bead 3 strand bracelet

elegant white!

African White Agate and Bohemian reds 2 strand bracelet

power color! rare beads

Dinka tribal beads 2 strand bracelet

rare tribal fossilized ivory beads

Large Tribal “charm” 3 strand bracelet

large and loaded with goodies

1800’s venetian Tic tak toe and rare czech bead 2 strand bracelet

super duper rare beads!

1800’s venetian millifori beads and PNG conch shell 3 strand bracelet

Amazing hard to find elbow millifori !

1800’s venetian medicine man trade beads 3 strand bracelet

beautiful rare pastel colors


18thc venetian small chevron and aja bead 2 strand bracelet

magic aja beads to bring miracles to the wearer

1920 Tibetan shaman bead and vaseline glass 2 strand bracelet

rare shaman bead!

Pink 1920 czech lions claw wedding beads bracelet

rare large opal and pink lions claw!

1800’s venetian wound glass 3 strand bracelet

vibrant rare beads!

small ghana beads choker necklace

Small beads - sterling silver toggle clasp

1800’s venetian watermelon chevron bead 3 strand bracelet

a must have for any collection!

1800’s venetian Large chevrons and tibetan sherpa coral bracelet

highly collectable nice size 6 layer chevrons

African snake vertebrae and trade bead 2 strand bracelet-brown

Sleek yet powerful!

African snake vertebrae and trade bead 2 strand bracelet-blue

wow! tribal and powerful.

Rare 18thC venetian fancy bead and telsum bead 3 strand bracelet

elegant protection piece!

Tibetan Turquoise and baltic amber 3 strand bracelet

sleek and stylish-power stones!

Green mixed trade bead 3 strand bracelet

rare amazing bright greens!