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African banded agate and vaseline glass 2 strand bracelet

Rare hand cut west african banded agate !

Rainbow wedding beads & Melon bead 3 strand Bracelet

Happy Rainbow Trade beads bracelet!

PNG conch shell and African trade bead 3 strand bracelet

Money luck bracelet with rare antique beads!

Indonesian Pumtek 2 strand bracelet

Fossilized wood/hand dyed Pumteck beads

Red moon and stars antique trade bead 3 strand bracelet

Royal Bed Bohemian glass beads!

2 strand 1500’s dinka fossilized ivory beads bracelet

collectors choice! rare Tribal beads.

3 strand cheri amber and buffalo bone bracelet

Tribal and earthy!

Antique Nepal coin 3 strand orange bead bracelet

Modern day gypsy bracelet!

1800’s eye beads and czech glass 3 strand bracelet

gorgeous black and red beads! power colors!

Brilliant yellow wedding bead 3 strand bracelet

vibrant and lively!

Baltic amber and trade bead 3 strand bracelet

A golden beauty

Rare pastel wedding beads 3 strand bracelet

rare pastel colors!

1800’s venetian Chevrons 2 strand bracelet

collectors choice/best beads

Antique white wedding bead & trade bead 3 strand bracelet

elegant white!

African White Agate and Bohemian reds 2 strand bracelet

power color! rare beads

Large Tribal “charm” 3 strand bracelet

large and loaded with goodies

1800’s venetian Tic tak toe and rare czech bead 2 strand bracelet

super duper rare beads!

1800’s venetian millifori beads and PNG conch shell 3 strand bracelet

Amazing hard to find elbow millifori !

1800’s venetian medicine man trade beads 3 strand bracelet

beautiful rare pastel colors


1920 Tibetan shaman bead and vaseline glass 2 strand bracelet

rare shaman bead!

Pink 1920 czech lions claw wedding beads bracelet

rare large opal and pink lions claw!

small ghana beads choker necklace

Small beads - sterling silver toggle clasp

1800’s venetian watermelon chevron bead 3 strand bracelet

a must have for any collection!

African snake vertebrae and trade bead 2 strand bracelet-brown

Sleek yet powerful!

African snake vertebrae and trade bead 2 strand bracelet-blue

wow! tribal and powerful.

Rare 18thC venetian fancy bead and telsum bead 3 strand bracelet

elegant protection piece!

Tibetan Turquoise and baltic amber 3 strand bracelet

sleek and stylish-power stones!

White carnelian and snake glass 18″ neclace

Kingly white carnelian 18" trade bead necklace

Telsum beads Protection 3 strand bracelet

rich and royal

3 strand real red coral bracelet

Rare treasure!

Fine Baltic amber 2 strand bracelet

gorgeous royal amber queen bee

Congo malachite and green trade bead 3 strand bracelet

Green  for growth and health!

Yellow wedding cake and wedding bead 3 strand bracelet

oh happy day!

Ethiopian amber and tibetan buddha bracelet

the ultimate "peace"

small Ghana bead 4 strand 18″ necklace

at the rainbows end...... you are the pot of gold!

rare czech glass 3 strand trade bead bracelet

periwinkle blue!

3 strand bells masks and evil eye bracelet

Ancestral protection power piece

Happy Cheri amber 30″ necklace

1800's ethiopian cheri amber

1800's venetian eye beads

1800 nigerian diviners coral

1920 czech pigeon eggs and snake glass

old ching coin

Tibetan Crystal and trade bead 30″ necklace

magical crystal necklace

Lions claw wedding bead 2 strand bracelet

RARE! wild and awesome

Ancient quartz and amber 18″ necklace

hand cut rare beads!

seamoss and opal glass rare trade bead 20″ necklace

lions claw and amazing beads!

brown lotus bloom 3 strand trade bead bracelet

earthy and rare colors

opal glass and brass bells 3 strand trade bead bracelet

magical bracelet!

Quartz and crysal 35″ necklace

a shamanic power piece

Garden lotus bloom 3 strand trade bead bracelet

garden growth and happiness!

double strand Millifori trade bead bracelet

powerful and bold

Rattle snake and vaseline glass trade bead double strand bracelet

gorgeous glows in black light

Rare antique coin and vaseline glass 3 strand bracelet

elegant wealth! glows in black light!

Gypsy 3 strand coin and trade bead bracelet

for the gypsy at heart!

Rare Tibetan real red coral and eye beads 2 strand bracelet

perfection and elegance

Magical moon beads 3 strand bracelet

Healing shamanic opal glass

Rainbow beach comber 3 strand shell bracelet

cowrie shell money magic

Chunky triple strand trade bead

big and bold

4 strand periwinkle trade beads bracelet

rare color, large bracelet

Sunshine beach comber 3 strand shell bracelet

money magic and sunshine