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Twin Souls- drawing


Every soul has an "other half" that we search for all our life but only find when we truly love ourself. This drawing depicts the moment  one soul separates into two.

Oshun Comes Alive

She lives is the fresh waters and bring to the world all that makes life worth living, joy, love and sweetness......


The Bead Spirits- 11 canvas Panels 24″x18″ each

Spirit dwells in the creation of beauty and adornments, the value in that is God's gift to the makers on Earth.....

New Moon Goddess

The dark  midnight goddess, exudes a moment of contemplation in the silence of the night, when others sleep, she meditates on the complexities of life and releases what does not serve her with clarity.



New Day Dawn 55″x40″

after the dark, with gratitude, a new day dawns and awaits us to find love in its renewal of light........


mixed media on  gessoed watercolor paper

She Takes Oxygen from the Sea 60″x40″

the serenity under water brings a sense of release, serenity, silence and breath.....

The Truth Gate 50″x40″

A sacred gate, the mouth, use it wisely, and only allow the truth to pass through it....

“a flock of brothers” Brazilian cardinals- oil on canvas-32″x16″

the beauty of males, the divine masculine, we see you and honor you.....

The Gathering of Us- 60″x40″ mixed media

we are always together, the ancestors, our guardian angels and those we love connected through all space and time...

Portal into Timelessness 40″x35″ mixed media on paper

letting go to swim in the sea of eternity, FEARLESSLY....

Charlie’s Perch- 50″x40″ mixed media on paper

the messenger for spirit of a loved one comes in many forms.....


the Gate Keeper 55″x40″mixed media on paper


guardian of the crossroads keeper of the gates awaits 3 knocks and and a prayer....

Buddha Of Light

This Buddha portrays the light that shines from within through gaining inner peace.

Centered in the Sun

the feminine emotional complexities often call for a retreat into the center of ones self, there we find all the light we need to heal and regenerate the spirit, mind and body.

It aint over till the White Bird Sings-Blood Moon #33

and yet another blood moon comes over the night, waking the waters and birds into a round over song.....
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